Tuah Group’s mission is to close the gap between the ever-growing demand for affordable housing and the inadequate supply, both in quality and quantity, in the South-East Asia region.
Micro-Housing can be grouped in two main categories:

  • Low-cost mass housing ;
  • Small size city-centre co-living housing.

Often disregarded by property developers, micro-housing is fast becoming a global reality. Rising land prices, congested mega-cities, lack of purchasing power, smaller family size, new communal lifestyle are just a few of the many catalysts that have triggered the massive move towards micro-housing in the developed countries.

Southeast Asia is just at the start of its journey into micro-housing mega production. The magnitude of this nascent industry is a direct function of the people living in the region: because its population is very large, young and growing fast, finally accessing some basic financial services and moving towards middle class, the need for micro-housing supply in SE Asia truly is gigantic.