TBEC Technologies: exclusive joint-venture between Tuah Group & BEC Modular

TBEC Technologies delivers monolithic steel-reinforced modular concrete structures that are used to build single family homes as well as mid- to high-rise co-living buildings. The technology is adapted for large scale projects reducing time to delivery compared to traditional construction methods, while maintaining highest standards of quality, safety and durability at an affordable cost.

Key-benefits of the technology

At construction site level
– Speed of production
– Maximization of local resources’ use
– Precision delivery (exact dimensions)
– Transportable product
– Volume efficiency

At unit / product level
– Monolithic, solid, roof-wall connection
– Easily and safely stackable
– Waterproof, weatherproof, earthquake resistant
– Quality standardisation & fit-out integration
– Green, sustainable, energy efficient
– Proven long durability (50+ years)