Real Estate Project Origination and Development

Tuah Group is building a large network of strategic partnerships within the affordable housing ecosystem allowing to successfully deliver projects in various segments across South East Asia.

Tuah Group’s partners include a wide range of construction companies, prefabricated and/or precast technology suppliers, developers and land owners, operators and property managers, institutional and private investors.
With these strategic partnerships, Tuah Group has built a unique platform to originate, structure, underwrite, manage and deliver affordable housing projects in South-East Asia.
Tuah Product Line
Tuah aims to be the reference in the affordable housing sector across South-East Asia.
Tuah is working with architects, engineers and designers to build homes that will not only meet the expectations of the buyers and tenants but also deliver more than just a living space: it is a brand associated with cutting-edge technology, easily recognizable design and a large range of added value features enhancing people’s everyday life.
Tuah Group’s vision is to provide the lower income population with homes that are functional yet comfortable, safe and to be proud of. It is time to make a concrete impact on people’s lives: Think Up Affordable Homes!